Original and Motion+Sound Assignments

We are happy to provide a quote for original photographic and Motion+Sound assignments. In 2013, Hedrich Blessing started offering time-based media. Packages include a range of services from fully produced narratives to time-lapse photography.


Stock Photography

Hedrich Blessing's library contains an extensive collection of architectural and interior photography from 1980 to the present; including images of urban views, university campuses, museums, theaters, civic institutions, industry, aerial views, public parks, and much more. 

The Hedrich Blessing Archive from 1929 to 1979 is housed at the Chicago History Museum. For inquiries regarding these materials, please contact the Rights and Reproduction Department at:


Lectures and Workshops

Nick Merrick regularly leads architectural photography workshops through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

Photographers give general lectures on architecture and photography to design students, museum audiences, and other interested parties.